A candidate comparison ….on taxes!

This post is to offer some contrast in candidates running for County Commission, nothing more…nothing less. As you may have read in today’s newspaper, Mayor Colombo proposed the following:

“Earlier in the meeting, Colombo asked council members to consider a $3 million, 20-year bond issue to fund the construction of new fire stations and repairs to others, as well as the Municipal Building. The mayor said the user fee could serve as the revenue source to fund the bonds.”

As you may remember, during the budget hearings I believe Councilman Reynolds proposed setting aside money to begin the process to replace aging fire stations.

I completely agree that our city fire stations need to be repaired, or in some cases replaced. Long over due!

I think Council was on the right track.

Now the contrast. As many know, in the upcoming election some city council candidates and Mayor candidates propose reducing the user fee.

The proposal made last night by the Mayor (a candidate for Wood County Commission in the fall) ensures that for the next 20 years…yes TWENTY YEARS…..the user fee could not be reduced or eliminated, as it will be paying off bonds for city hall and fire station repairs.

I believe that under-estimated revenue from the new city 1% sales tax would probably cover that debt if the the plan proceeds.

Secondly, by contrast, when I served on the County Commission from 2000-2010 we were able to wisely manage the budget and built the Judge Black Annex (which was a result of the Supreme Court mandating new Family Law Offices in Wood County) and the new Wood County Justice Center (which was mandated when the old magistrate court building partially collapsed) …..We built these two new buildings WITHOUT new taxes…WITHOUT raising taxes.

in 2005 when I ran for Mayor, I predicted if my opponent were to win he would raise taxes and implement new ones…he won and he did implement new taxes and raised taxes at every opportunity.

In short, taxes, implementing new taxes, raising them or holding the line is a mind-set. I have a history of being frugal with your tax dollars; I have a history of doing more with less; I have a history of wise budget management. I, along with my County Commission colleagues at the time worked exceptionally well together and worked very hard to keep our levy rate on of the lowest in the State of West Virginia.

If elected, I pledge to continue with the above mentioned mindset in office! I will hard to manage your tax dollar wisely.

Thank you for your time!
Rick Modesitt
Candidate for County Commission
phone 304-422-4035
email commishrick@aol.com

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