Rick-Don'tForgetWELL…..tomorrow MAY 10 is the big day for those seeking office. For many the ride will begin….while for some it will end. I have not been on the ballot for 6 years. I miss public service. I believe we need someone who will be honest and ethical elected to every office. People who will do the job for all the people…and not just a few of the people. If you want someone who will be honest…ethical…compassionate…will work hard to do the right thing for all of our citizens….then I would respectfully ask for your vote tomorrow. One of the positive things about this election cycle locally ….as there are many good candidates. The races have been friendly and clean. I have made new friends in this process. Citizens seem to be more interested and involved. We live in the best country on the face of this earth. In Wood County, races are regularly decided by 4 or 5 votes (just ask my friend Bob Buckhannon) Don’t take voting lightly. Get out to the polls and vote May 10th. THANK YOU for your support and your consideration. 
RICK MODESITT Candidate for Wood County Commissioner

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