John Reed and SWA delivers!

Good things happening part two…”THE CONTINUATION” from Sunday. Well…..the hard core volunteer workers were once again at the 23rd Street and Park Avenue MINI PARK within the city park. They have transformed that corner into a beautiful area. Sadly, the city let it deteriorate a bit..and it needed a little TLC. The volunteer group known as THE FRIENDS OF PARKERSBURG PARK’S launched their clean up efforts on Sunday. Still working today. Sometimes…good things happening become contagious. The benches and picnic tables pretty much were rotted. I made a call to John Reed, the Director of the Wood County Solid Waste Authority. They have regularly placed benches and picnic tables in public places which are made of recycled materials. I asked John if he could help…..he gladly agreed..and within two hours he delivered two picnic tables and 5 benches. This is what I call good service. It is also a shining example of private volunteer citizens wanting to help their community and government agencies, such as the Solid Waste Authority making a notable donation to the cause. This was a GREAT DAY for a GREAT PROJECT. A big thank you to John Reed and all of the volunteers who have been working so hard for two days.!!!! friendsofpark2

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