An FYI moment ! Today I was asked several times about a meeting yesterday regarding the development of Fort Boreman Hill.Apparently there were news reports and TV reports that I was seen in. Thus….. As you may remember, when I served on the Wood County Commission the county secured and developed from scratch Fort Boreman Historical Park. The adjoining land was owned by the McDonough Company. Last year, local businessman and developer Pat Minnite aka The PM Company purchased the land.. To get to the point, I participated in a focus group to help identify what might be best developed at Fort Boreman. Several business people and community leaders were there and offered ideas. Anyone who knows Pat and his company knows that they are first class developers and will do all due diligence in an effort to develop the best possible project not only for their company…but for our community. This land is in no better hands than the PM Company. This was an educational, informational type of meeting to brain-storm. I was honored to be allowed to participate with such folks as the Mayor of Belpre, the Mayor of Vienna, the Wood County Development Director, the Tourism Director, the Chamber of Commerce, and other business and community leaders. Any information on the meetings and discussions will eventually come from the good folks at the PM Company, who I have confidence in. I am excited to see what they decide to build! I am excited to see the area around the Fort Boreman Park developed. I am excited for NEW development and business opportunities for our area. Thank you PM Company for allowing me to participate! I look forward to the time when there is a ribbon cutting of something exciting for our community!pmco2

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