County of Champions!

GOOD PEOPLE DOING FUN THINGS FOR THE KIDS. I had the opportunity to do time keeping at a swim meet at North Hills Swimming Club. It was a new experience for me…and fun. Thank you Paula Enoch Oliphant for the invitation. It was good to see so many young athletes competing. As a County Commissioner, we regularly had sports teams in from the “County of Champions” to recognize their achievements. Just as we said when we dedicated the Swisher Monument at city park…you can be a singing star….sports star…..whatever you want to be if you put your mind to it…even if you are from Wood County or West Virginia. Nick and Steve Swisher, Kathy Mattea, and Brad Paisley are perfect examples. North Hills Swimming Club was also home to Tim Phillips… a swimming star who is actually doing Olympic Trials as we speak (type)… good job to all the athletes tonight..and all the parents and grand-parents for rooting them on…..RICKPOOL

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