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biographical information
Life long resident of Parkersburg; Attended PHS, WVU-P; Served as Police Officer 1975 – 1997; Chief of Police 1994-1997;  Twice elected  WV House of Delegates;  Twice served as Acting Mayor of Parkersburg;   Served as County Commissioner 2000-2010; Former Chairman of Athletic Commission.  Licensed Realtor; President  Rick Modesitt & Associates.
what do you believe to be the most important issue facing Wood County Commission today?
The looming fiscal crisis over the increasing jail bill is at a critical state. I believe my experience with conservative budgeting will be of value in managing this situation. Secondary is the heroin and  elicit drug epidemic in our area.
The two issues go hand in hand.  A concentrated effort to rid our community of this  problem is a must.
are there any changes in state laws regarding country government that you feel would benefit Wood County?
The manner in which prisoners are held by the state and billed to the counties must be reviewed.  Some counties are going broke under this burden.  Secondly, County Commissions should be given the same home rule rights as cities.  Local officials tend to manage their communities better than dictated by Charleston. Finally, to provide additional substance abuse programs.
what is the best way to attract new business to Wood County?
Commissioners need to be salesmen for the County. We need to provide potential businesses an area where the quality of life is good; housing is reasonably price; infrastructure is available; a solid education system; so we can provide a well educated, stable, hard working work force.  We must be prepared to market ourselves against other counties and other states.

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