Well the time is here! Today, WED OCT 26….early voting begins.
I plan to vote today at the Judge Black Annex. I would respectfully ask for your vote for County Commissioner. If elected, I will work hard for the people…not the politics; I will attend all my meetings and committee assignments as I did before; I will be fair and impartial; I will serve with honesty and integrity; I will support making the Wood County Commission once again the most accessible in the state; I will fight to eradicate illegal drugs and support treatment for those who want help; I will support efforts to keep our county safe; I will support a positive atmosphere for new business development; I will be a fiscal conservative which will help keep our levy rate low; I will work towards creating new jobs…and work to keep the ones we have. It has been a great campaign. I have met many new people….some very nice candidates seeking office, and have made new friends. I am hoping to continue my public service on Jan 1 2017 as your new County Commissioner. THANK YOU
PHONE 304-481-4035
HOME phone 304-422-4035

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