A message from Rick

This is a critical time for our county and our state, as we try to make  our community and state a great economic comeback story. We need to restore trust in local government that has wavered in the last year.  But more importantly, we can’t have the quality of life our families deserve without making Wood County the most business friendly place in West Virginia.
On the County Commission, I learned first hand that accessible government, closest to the people, is the best kind of government.  I have a strong record of achievement, which was accomplished without raising taxes.  As a member of the House of Delegates, i voted to cut taxes, keep fees lower and government smaller.
As a former law enforcement officer, I know that our economic and education problems often stems from our drug epidemic. 
We must give our deputies and police officers the tools they need to run the drug makers and dealers out of our community, so that we can repair their damage and salvage the broken lives they leave behind.  It is less costly to prevent a problem or cure an addict early, than it is for them to have a life of government assistance or incarceration at the expense of our hard working tax payers.
I have spent most of my career in public service.  But now, after some years out side elected office, I believe that I still have time, talent and care to offer.  I want to restore faith in our local government, and to serve my neighbors again with the honesty and integrity this community needs and deserves.  It is time to get back on track!
I am a life long resident of Parkersburg with a record of public service.  Parkersburg and Wood County have been wonderful to me over my lifetime.  From my early days as a Police Explorer Scout at the Parkersburg Police Department to today, I have always tried to put my community first and to help others.   I am passionate about public service and helping others.  I am passionate about honesty and integrity and good government. I love our community and I am hopeful the citizens of Wood County will once again grant me the opportunity to serve.
I thank you for your past support and I respectfully ask for your vote.