Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering the people who died while serving in the country’s armed forces. The holiday, which is observed every year on the last Monday of May,originated as Decoration Day after the American Civil War in 1868, when the Grand Army of the Republic, an organization of Union veterans founded in Decatur, Illinois, established it as a time for the nation to decorate the graves of the Union war dead with flowers.By the 20th century, competing Union and Confederate holiday traditions, celebrated on different days, had merged, and Memorial Day eventually extended to honor all Americans who died while in the military service. My father Amos Modesitt served in WWII. My brother, Gary Hellberg’s father was killed in active duty in Germany in WWII. I wish to thank all veterans who have served their county and to honor those who died in protecting our great country. May everyone have a safe and happy memorial day. 



THANKS A MILLION!….. I just received and reviewed the precinct by precinct election results…and much to my surprise I won every single precinct in Wood County for the County Commission race. I again want to thank everyone who helped me achieve this success. THANKS A MILLION!!!!!

League of Women’s Voters meeting!

Had a very interesting evening at the Parkersburg Library with the League of Women’s Voters of Wood County, who do such a great public service during elections years. Tonight, they hosted a seminar on the process in West Virginia of electing the President…..selection of Convention Delegates, and the convention process. The League of Women’s Voters understand the importance of this process, and the questions raised during this election cycle. Normally, the Presidential races are decided by the time the West Virginia primary rolls around…but this year,both the GOP and the Dems both had contested primary elections….thus West Virginia mattered! Tonight, I joined the panel of our local GOP Chairman Rob Cornelius, and the former Chairman of the Democratic party Walt Auvil, to explain and answer questions of the public attending. There was a very good turn out and it was very interesting. THANK YOU to the Wood County League of Women’s Voters for the opportunity to attend and for hosting this important informational meeting.

John Reed and SWA delivers!

Good things happening part two…”THE CONTINUATION” from Sunday. Well…..the hard core volunteer workers were once again at the 23rd Street and Park Avenue MINI PARK within the city park. They have transformed that corner into a beautiful area. Sadly, the city let it deteriorate a bit..and it needed a little TLC. The volunteer group known as THE FRIENDS OF PARKERSBURG PARK’S launched their clean up efforts on Sunday. Still working today. Sometimes…good things happening become contagious. The benches and picnic tables pretty much were rotted. I made a call to John Reed, the Director of the Wood County Solid Waste Authority. They have regularly placed benches and picnic tables in public places which are made of recycled materials. I asked John if he could help…..he gladly agreed..and within two hours he delivered two picnic tables and 5 benches. This is what I call good service. It is also a shining example of private volunteer citizens wanting to help their community and government agencies, such as the Solid Waste Authority making a notable donation to the cause. This was a GREAT DAY for a GREAT PROJECT. A big thank you to John Reed and all of the volunteers who have been working so hard for two days.!!!! friendsofpark2

Good things part #2…Sun May 22

Good things happening part 2….on my way to the store from Good things Part #1…..I saw a group of people…many who I recognized …volunteering and working to clean up and refresh the corner of the Parkersburg City Park at 23rd and Park Avenue. So I stopped and purchased a case of water to drop off and show my support of their efforts. A group of great people, including Bob Mercer, Laura Greathouse, Christi Walcutt and about 15 others we working hard…to make our city park beautiful ….They have created a Friends of Parkersburg Parks….and have now done projects both at Southwood and City Park. This was basically a group of people brought together over the past 18 months based on their concerns for our city. They should be commended for taking a proactive interest in our city. THANK YOU!!! These are the type of things that make our community great (again!)

Sunday 5/22 good things part 1

Good things happening …..part 1…May 22. Had the pleasure to attend a “active shooter seminar” at the North Parkersburg Baptist Church with Pastor Brady Stephens as the instructor. Brady has done a wonderful job in enlightening churches as to dangers public places face by crazed and evil individuals. After the murder of 9 innocent people in Charleston SC…Brady started constructing this class. I commend North Parkersburg Baptist for hosting the seminar and Brady for showing interest in making people both aware …and ready. We live in dangerous times and we all must be prepared. We must also be willing to be the eyes and ears of law enforcement …I support the “SEE SOMETHING …SAY SOMETHING” campaign.


Had the pleasure to attend a fund raising event at the Chanellor-Burwell-Lowe House in the Julia-Ann Square Historic District tonight. Great food…great people and a beautiful home which is 138 year old. The event was to raise funds for the repairs and preservation of the Riverview Cemetery located in the district.(which is final resting place for US Senators, WV Governors, Generals, Judges, and other notables)  When I last served on the County Commission I supported new lighting, welcome way arches, and the walking tour project within the district. This group of residents and volunteers are what makes not only the historic district a destination tourist attraction, but helps make Parkersburg and our area shine. Tourism is one of the backbones of the West Virginia economy …..I am a supporter of both historic preservation opportunities (such as the Julian-Ann Square Historic District, Henderson Hall, Sumner Museum, Veterans Museum, Fort Boreman and others) as well as supporting any tourism opportunity that will shine well upon the Wood County and surrounding areas. If elected to the County Commission I will continue my support of such projects whenever possible.historic


139 am and back from the Wood County Court House. It was a historic election in Wood County. Record turn out. An awesome day!! As for my County Commission race, i won with 49.82% of the vote in a four man race, getting 6,102 votes. I want to thank all those who voted for me !! I want to thank the other candidates in the County Commission race for running a good campaign; I want to thank all the people who hosted a yard sign…wore a t-shirt…..promoted me to their friends, neighbors, pets….or anyone who would listen. I want to thank my facebook friends for the on line social media promotion. I want to thank anyone I might have forgotten. I will do my best to not let you down. Now we have a general election to tackle in November. Again, THANK YOU!!
Rick Modesittrick-thankyou


Rick-Don'tForgetWELL…..tomorrow MAY 10 is the big day for those seeking office. For many the ride will begin….while for some it will end. I have not been on the ballot for 6 years. I miss public service. I believe we need someone who will be honest and ethical elected to every office. People who will do the job for all the people…and not just a few of the people. If you want someone who will be honest…ethical…compassionate…will work hard to do the right thing for all of our citizens….then I would respectfully ask for your vote tomorrow. One of the positive things about this election cycle locally ….as there are many good candidates. The races have been friendly and clean. I have made new friends in this process. Citizens seem to be more interested and involved. We live in the best country on the face of this earth. In Wood County, races are regularly decided by 4 or 5 votes (just ask my friend Bob Buckhannon) Don’t take voting lightly. Get out to the polls and vote May 10th. THANK YOU for your support and your consideration. 
RICK MODESITT Candidate for Wood County Commissioner


Had the pleasure to attend the Wood County Republican Reagan Day Dinner in Vienna WV tonight. Also had the pleasure to speak with our Congressman David McKinley. I believe he said this marked his 154th visit to Wood County since being elected our Congressman. There is no doubt he is one hard working man. We were also introduced to candidates running for state-wide office. We have many extremely good candidates. I love Reagan day dinners, as it honors a man that I have great respect for. He offered me and many others the inspiration to try to do good things….to become involved….to help make our country great. I have been a fan of President Reagan….and a huge fan after he visited Parkersburg High School Fieldhouse on Monday Oct 29 1984. It was quite a day. The entire town seemed to shut down for his visit. I was a young police officer and had the honor to guard one of his motorcade vehicles. We exchanged quick salutes when he exited his limo to enter the NW doors at the Fieldhouse. His speech was incredible. HIs message was incredible. I became a life long fan. Now ….32 years later….I am seeking election as your Wood County Commissioner. I believe Wood County and West Virginia have so much to offer, and I am hopeful that the voters will grant me the honor to once again serve. It was a great day to be a West Virginian…and from Wood County!