Good things part #2…Sun May 22

Good things happening part 2….on my way to the store from Good things Part #1…..I saw a group of people…many who I recognized …volunteering and working to clean up and refresh the corner of the Parkersburg City Park at 23rd and Park Avenue. So I stopped and purchased a case of water to drop off and show my support of their efforts. A group of great people, including Bob Mercer, Laura Greathouse, Christi Walcutt and about 15 others we working hard…to make our city park beautiful ….They have created a Friends of Parkersburg Parks….and have now done projects both at Southwood and City Park. This was basically a group of people brought together over the past 18 months based on their concerns for our city. They should be commended for taking a proactive interest in our city. THANK YOU!!! These are the type of things that make our community great (again!)


Had the pleasure to attend a fund raising event at the Chanellor-Burwell-Lowe House in the Julia-Ann Square Historic District tonight. Great food…great people and a beautiful home which is 138 year old. The event was to raise funds for the repairs and preservation of the Riverview Cemetery located in the district.(which is final resting place for US Senators, WV Governors, Generals, Judges, and other notables) ¬†When I last served on the County Commission I supported new lighting, welcome way arches, and the walking tour project within the district. This group of residents and volunteers are what makes not only the historic district a destination tourist attraction, but helps make Parkersburg and our area shine. Tourism is one of the backbones of the West Virginia economy …..I am a supporter of both historic preservation opportunities (such as the Julian-Ann Square Historic District, Henderson Hall, Sumner Museum, Veterans Museum, Fort Boreman and others) as well as supporting any tourism opportunity that will shine well upon the Wood County and surrounding areas. If elected to the County Commission I will continue my support of such projects whenever possible.historic


Had the pleasure to attend the Wood County Republican Reagan Day Dinner in Vienna WV tonight. Also had the pleasure to speak with our Congressman David McKinley. I believe he said this marked his 154th visit to Wood County since being elected our Congressman. There is no doubt he is one hard working man. We were also introduced to candidates running for state-wide office. We have many extremely good candidates. I love Reagan day dinners, as it honors a man that I have great respect for. He offered me and many others the inspiration to try to do good things….to become involved….to help make our country great. I have been a fan of President Reagan….and a huge fan after he visited Parkersburg High School Fieldhouse on Monday Oct 29 1984. It was quite a day. The entire town seemed to shut down for his visit. I was a young police officer and had the honor to guard one of his motorcade vehicles. We exchanged quick salutes when he exited his limo to enter the NW doors at the Fieldhouse. His speech was incredible. HIs message was incredible. I became a life long fan. Now ….32 years later….I am seeking election as your Wood County Commissioner. I believe Wood County and West Virginia have so much to offer, and I am hopeful that the voters will grant me the honor to once again serve. It was a great day to be a West Virginian…and from Wood County!