Good things part #2…Sun May 22

Good things happening part 2….on my way to the store from Good things Part #1…..I saw a group of people…many who I recognized …volunteering and working to clean up and refresh the corner of the Parkersburg City Park at 23rd and Park Avenue. So I stopped and purchased a case of water to drop off and show my support of their efforts. A group of great people, including Bob Mercer, Laura Greathouse, Christi Walcutt and about 15 others we working hard…to make our city park beautiful ….They have created a Friends of Parkersburg Parks….and have now done projects both at Southwood and City Park. This was basically a group of people brought together over the past 18 months based on their concerns for our city. They should be commended for taking a proactive interest in our city. THANK YOU!!! These are the type of things that make our community great (again!)

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