Had the pleasure to attend a fund raising event at the Chanellor-Burwell-Lowe House in the Julia-Ann Square Historic District tonight. Great food…great people and a beautiful home which is 138 year old. The event was to raise funds for the repairs and preservation of the Riverview Cemetery located in the district.(which is final resting place for US Senators, WV Governors, Generals, Judges, and other notables)  When I last served on the County Commission I supported new lighting, welcome way arches, and the walking tour project within the district. This group of residents and volunteers are what makes not only the historic district a destination tourist attraction, but helps make Parkersburg and our area shine. Tourism is one of the backbones of the West Virginia economy …..I am a supporter of both historic preservation opportunities (such as the Julian-Ann Square Historic District, Henderson Hall, Sumner Museum, Veterans Museum, Fort Boreman and others) as well as supporting any tourism opportunity that will shine well upon the Wood County and surrounding areas. If elected to the County Commission I will continue my support of such projects whenever possible.historic

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