Past accomplishments

Accomplishments as Wood County Commissioner 2000-2010
* development of innovative grant program using hotel motel tax to help fund events, fair, festivals, sporting event and other attractions which would bring new visitors to wood county
* Supported the development of the Juliana Square Historic district and walking tour, as a destination point tourist attraction.
* created the new Judge Black Annex, which included a drive up window to pay taxes; and the popular public meeting rooms.  All accomplished without raising taxes.
* created new county parking for the convenience of the public doing business within the court house.
* Was a part of the team to obtain, and     completely design, build and open The Historic Fort Boreman Park.  A project completed without raising taxes.
* Provided assistance to the Wood County Sheriffs Office, helping up grade their equipment, including new hand guns, new bullet proof vests, new police vehicles, and safe and efficient office to work.   Without raising taxes
* Was a part of the team with obtained, completely designed, built the new Wood County Justice Center, providing safe and efficient office space for Magistrates, the Sheriffs Department and the Prosecutors to work.   A project completed without raising taxes.   The building was also the first in our area to receive the
energy efficient LEED certification.
* Supported increased funding for our volunteer fire departments
* supported the creation of a life insurance program for volunteer fire fighters, in an effort to recruit and retain fire fighter volunteers
*  Supported maintaining a competitive salary and benefit structure for county employees to maintain a quality workforce.
* Supported the consolidation of the county compliance office with the Wood County Solid Waste Authority.
* Maintained an open door policy at the County Commission schedule that was designed to be time efficient for the tax payers and to be the most accessible County Commission in West Virginia, meeting more often than any other County Commission.
* Supported the creation of civilian court bailiffs, thus allowing Deputy Sheriffs to resume regular law enforcement duties on road patrol.
* Was a part of the local government team with created the atmosphere and resources to secure Hino to re locate to Williamstown, Wood County
* Made numerous improvements to both Mountwood Park and Veterans Park
* The creation of a state of the art mobile command post, utilizing HINO truck chasis and paid for with local, state and federal grants.
* Regularly supported hosting seminars for employees and elected official on customer service, Ethics, and open meeting regulations
* Part of the Commission & county clerk team that implemented the new federally mandated electronic voting machines.   Again, without raising taxes.
* Created the Spirit of Wood County Award to recognize and support outstanding citizens of our county for their volunteer work or achievements.
* Regularly recognized and honored student athletes, and outstanding students  and sports programs for their achievements.
*  While as Commissioner maintained  a very conservative spending practice, and maintained a nearly 2 million dollar rainy day fund.
* supported the Veterans of Wood County by obtaining a transportation van to transport local VETS to and from the VA Hospital in Clarksburg
* Regularly supported assistance to local communities, such as North Hills, Vienna, and Williamstown with their special projects.
* Installed new sidewalks in Mineral Wells
* Supported the creation of the Project Life Save program
* Supported improvements at both PHS Stadium and at Erickson Sports complex
with financial contributions