With all of the revelations at the national level, and all of the issues we have seen occur around West Virginia and even right here in Parkersburg and Wood County….I think it is time we demand honesty and integrity in public service…..especially with elected officials. The citizens grant those elected to do the right thing for the citizens…..to safegard the tax dollar…and to look out for the safety and well being of all citizens…not just a few. If elected, I pledge to work hard and to be honest in all of my dealings in office!


I am proud to call Shelley Moore Capito a friend. She and I served in the House of Delegates together. She was a very respected Legislator. When she stood to speak….everyone listened. She moved on to bigger and better things, becoming a member of the US Congress and now our United States Senator. She is a friend to Wood County and an excellent resource for help when needed.


Had the opportunity to attend a presentation made by representatives of the Federal Broad Band Council in Washington. Senator Capito stressed the importance of broad band access for West Virginians. She also highlighted the downtown business the Parkersburg Brewing Company, which has become a a tourism opportunity for the craft beer industry. If you haven’t been to this business in the 700 block of Market Street…you should check it out…FIRST CLASS operation there!shelly2


Well, it has been a busy week thus far. I try to keep everyone up dated on the campaign and what and where I have been. Last night, I attended the 1st Walk Against Heroin at the City Park. First, I would like to thank those who made it possible, and the very large crowd who came out to support the cause. This subject used to be tabbo ……no one wanted to step forward. Times are changing, good people are stepping up to try to do good things. As evidenced by the large turn out last night, people recognize there is a problem….and we MUST make changes. As evidenced by the events of this past week….if rumors are true, 1 murder and 2 suicides in one day…not to mention medical calls for overdoses on this same day. From 2011 to 2015 according to stats released by the state via a FOIA I filed……106 overdose DEATHS just here in Wood County (mostly Parkersburg). There is no easy fix to this problem….but i will take the cooperation of Judges, Prosecutors, LEO, Legislators, Mayors, County Commissioners, Sheriff ..etc. I was saddended that to see that only ONE elected official attended this event…our Commissioner Blair Couch. If elected Commissioner I pledge my support to rid our community of these evil drugs, and support those trying to right their lives. Again, thank you to those who organized this event and those who attended.


Friends of Parkersburg Parks are GREAT!

Well, my hat is off to the Friends of Parkersburg Parks once again. They sponsored the first “TRUNK OR TREAT” at Southwood Park. I sponsored the coloring pages for the kids. I think they expected somewhere around 200 kids….WELL LOW AND BEHOLD …there must have been 2500 people there……they ran out of everything…pop corn..candy….food…..it was incredible …and everyone was so nice. Sherry Dugan was dressed up ….Mr Barber and Mr. MERCER running for City Council was working….Joe and Sharon Kuhl were handing out candy to the bitter end…John Reed brought food….I saw Mr. West who is a candidate there and handing out treats…..Tons of volunteers…The 911 Mobile Communication Center was on hand…..the nice new Parkersburg Fire Dept Tower Truck was on display. It was just a great evening. I want to thank ALL OF THE VOLUNTEERS of the Friends of Parkersburg Parks for all they do!!southwood


Was honored to work with the VFW Post 4464 on a special project with country singer

CRAIG MORGAN.    At the end, the honor guard presented me with this bracelet. which

I will put with my “special keepsakes”.  As a Commissioner, I always had the utmost

respect for our veterans.    As Ken Merritt always state “ALL GAVE SOME….SOME GAVE

ALL”.   If elected to the Commission, our veterans will have a friend they can count on.vfw

Thank you Volunteer Fire Fighters!

Attended the Wood County Fire Board Committee meeting last night at Judge Black Annex. As former County Commissioner, I always supported needs of the fire fighters and had great respect for them…..especially those who VOLUNTEER to be a volunteer fire fighter. While Commissioner I supported obtaining life insurance for each volunteer in the county….I supported increasing their funding to help with opperating costs. If elected to the commission again, I pledge support for the men and women who serve as fire fighters…God bless each of them!