Friends of Parkersburg Parks are GREAT!

Well, my hat is off to the Friends of Parkersburg Parks once again. They sponsored the first “TRUNK OR TREAT” at Southwood Park. I sponsored the coloring pages for the kids. I think they expected somewhere around 200 kids….WELL LOW AND BEHOLD …there must have been 2500 people there……they ran out of everything…pop corn..candy….food… was incredible …and everyone was so nice. Sherry Dugan was dressed up ….Mr Barber and Mr. MERCER running for City Council was working….Joe and Sharon Kuhl were handing out candy to the bitter end…John Reed brought food….I saw Mr. West who is a candidate there and handing out treats…..Tons of volunteers…The 911 Mobile Communication Center was on hand…..the nice new Parkersburg Fire Dept Tower Truck was on display. It was just a great evening. I want to thank ALL OF THE VOLUNTEERS of the Friends of Parkersburg Parks for all they do!!southwood

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