I want to thank everyone who supported me and voted for me for County Commissioner. As you know, we came up short. I have made a lot of new friends during this process, for which i am grateful. . Elections often also tell you who your real friends are and identify those who really aren’t true friends. But that is politics. It is a dirty biz. I take public service seriously, and in an election….you tend to feel like your entire life is on trial. I have tried to serve the public well during my public service career, but the citizens apparently think otherwise. I want to again thank everyone who supported me and I am thankful for the new friends I have made. I want to also congratulation the many new faces that have been elected to various offices through Vienna, Parkersburg, Wood County and at the state level. It is good to see new people seeking to serve our communities. Thanks! Rickrick-thankyou



With all of the revelations at the national level, and all of the issues we have seen occur around West Virginia and even right here in Parkersburg and Wood County….I think it is time we demand honesty and integrity in public service…..especially with elected officials. The citizens grant those elected to do the right thing for the citizens… safegard the tax dollar…and to look out for the safety and well being of all citizens…not just a few. If elected, I pledge to work hard and to be honest in all of my dealings in office!


I am proud to call Shelley Moore Capito a friend. She and I served in the House of Delegates together. She was a very respected Legislator. When she stood to speak….everyone listened. She moved on to bigger and better things, becoming a member of the US Congress and now our United States Senator. She is a friend to Wood County and an excellent resource for help when needed.


Had the opportunity to attend a presentation made by representatives of the Federal Broad Band Council in Washington. Senator Capito stressed the importance of broad band access for West Virginians. She also highlighted the downtown business the Parkersburg Brewing Company, which has become a a tourism opportunity for the craft beer industry. If you haven’t been to this business in the 700 block of Market Street…you should check it out…FIRST CLASS operation there!shelly2


Well the time is here! Today, WED OCT 26….early voting begins.
I plan to vote today at the Judge Black Annex. I would respectfully ask for your vote for County Commissioner. If elected, I will work hard for the people…not the politics; I will attend all my meetings and committee assignments as I did before; I will be fair and impartial; I will serve with honesty and integrity; I will support making the Wood County Commission once again the most accessible in the state; I will fight to eradicate illegal drugs and support treatment for those who want help; I will support efforts to keep our county safe; I will support a positive atmosphere for new business development; I will be a fiscal conservative which will help keep our levy rate low; I will work towards creating new jobs…and work to keep the ones we have. It has been a great campaign. I have met many new people….some very nice candidates seeking office, and have made new friends. I am hoping to continue my public service on Jan 1 2017 as your new County Commissioner. THANK YOU
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