As long as I can remember, I have been involved in volunteering for one cause or another. If elected, I plan to continue trying to help people……Early voting ends May 7….election day is May 10. Your vote would be appreciated!



As a member of the Wood County Solid Waste Board, had the opportunity to tour the new Discovery World center at 9th and Market along with SWA Director Andy Hartleben. The Solid Waste Authority will be donating new “recycled chairs” for use in an area of the center. Several positives ….the new center could be a game change for downtown Parkersburg….the recycled chairs will help educate young people the possibilities with recycling….lastly, the the message of re-purposing of a historic building (over 100 years old) All positives. All those involved, especially the Ross Foundation, should be thanked!

America, West Virginia, Wood County FIRST

Let’s get back to basics! We are facing unprecedented challenges as a nation. We need to get back to basics. We need to take corrective course actions to lesson the burdens families and businesses are facing. We need a Commissioner who is active and engaged daily. I pledge to work tirelessly to improve conditions for families and businesses, and work hard for economic development for our county.


Out of control inflation…..men competing in woman’s sports…..high gas prices…..supply chain issues……chaos around the world……all eventually trickle down to our local homes. It is time for a common sense and proven conservative from the Court House to the White House.

Good people…doing good things!

The County Commission should be an active partner with out community non profits. There are MANY non profits in our community who are working to make our area great. Those groups help in so many ways and deserve the praise and support of our County Commission.

I am an active volunteer. I support non profit causes that better our county.


I would ask you consider voting for me for the volunteer position on the West Virginia State Republican Executive Committee. I am currently serving on this Committee from the 3rd Senatorial District. For those who don’t know, the Committee basically sets the agenda for the party platform; meets twice a year; sometimes involved in filling vacancies due to death or resignation.

Your vote in Ritchie, Wood, Wirt and Pleasants County would be appreciated.