Well, it has been a busy week thus far. I try to keep everyone up dated on the campaign and what and where I have been. Last night, I attended the 1st Walk Against Heroin at the City Park. First, I would like to thank those who made it possible, and the very large crowd who came out to support the cause. This subject used to be tabbo ……no one wanted to step forward. Times are changing, good people are stepping up to try to do good things. As evidenced by the large turn out last night, people recognize there is a problem….and we MUST make changes. As evidenced by the events of this past week….if rumors are true, 1 murder and 2 suicides in one day…not to mention medical calls for overdoses on this same day. From 2011 to 2015 according to stats released by the state via a FOIA I filed……106 overdose DEATHS just here in Wood County (mostly Parkersburg). There is no easy fix to this problem….but i will take the cooperation of Judges, Prosecutors, LEO, Legislators, Mayors, County Commissioners, Sheriff ..etc. I was saddended that to see that only ONE elected official attended this event…our Commissioner Blair Couch. If elected Commissioner I pledge my support to rid our community of these evil drugs, and support those trying to right their lives. Again, thank you to those who organized this event and those who attended.


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