Had the pleasure to attend the Wood County Republican Reagan Day Dinner in Vienna WV tonight. Also had the pleasure to speak with our Congressman David McKinley. I believe he said this marked his 154th visit to Wood County since being elected our Congressman. There is no doubt he is one hard working man. We were also introduced to candidates running for state-wide office. We have many extremely good candidates. I love Reagan day dinners, as it honors a man that I have great respect for. He offered me and many others the inspiration to try to do good things….to become involved….to help make our country great. I have been a fan of President Reagan….and a huge fan after he visited Parkersburg High School Fieldhouse on Monday Oct 29 1984. It was quite a day. The entire town seemed to shut down for his visit. I was a young police officer and had the honor to guard one of his motorcade vehicles. We exchanged quick salutes when he exited his limo to enter the NW doors at the Fieldhouse. His speech was incredible. HIs message was incredible. I became a life long fan. Now ….32 years later….I am seeking election as your Wood County Commissioner. I believe Wood County and West Virginia have so much to offer, and I am hopeful that the voters will grant me the honor to once again serve. It was a great day to be a West Virginian…and from Wood County!

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