Good people …doing good things!

I attended an anti drug program tonight at St Johns United Methodist Church in Vienna tonight.  It featured speakers Steve Stephens, our soon to be Sheriff; Rick Woodyard 911/EOS Director; and local Realtor Larry Fought.  They spoke of the problem in Wood County. They spoke on how to recognize and to help those who are addicted.  They are passionate about trying to help fix this problem.   The problem is severe.  It is going to take social services; counselors, police, criminal justice system, friends, families and the faith based community to tackle this problem.   A few days ago I filed a Freedom of Information Request to the Department of Health and Human Services asking for the number of overdose deaths that have occurred in Wood County in the past 5 years (2011 to 2015) ……the numbers are shocking…a total of 106 people dead due to drugs.    2001 = 19  /  2012 = 18  / 2013 = 18  / 2014 = 26 and 2015 = 25.   ….these are just in Wood County….our families..neighbors…. co workers…..Hopefully, we can get a handle on this and take our communities back from drug dealers…. I salute Larry Fought, Steve Stephens and Rick Woodyard for giving of themselves to help fight this scurge in our communities.drugs3

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