Mid Ohio Valley Work Camp SPECIAL!

This week we have many special young people in the Mid Ohio Valley doing God’s work. The Mid Ohio Valley Work Camp is sponsored by local Churches of Christ. Young people from all over the east coast come to our area and help paint houses that are owned by folks who might not have the physical or financial ability to paint their homes. I first became aware of the project back when I was in the House of Delegates through my friend Chris Miller. I went to one of the first services at the church in Belpre. It was very up-lifting. The project has grown and grown…it is WONDERFUL. When I last served on the County Commission, we became a sponsor and helped with the project. This week I stopped at one of the houses where these young people were working and delivered cases of water and gater-aid. They kids were so nice, friendly and thankful for the visit. I commend those who have organized this in our community….thank all of the kids for coming out and doing this work (each young person actually has to pay $85 to be a volunteer…thus they are totally invested with heart..mind..soul…and money) and thankful that the County Commission has continued as a sponsor. If given the opportunity to serve again, this is the type of private-public-government relationships that are meaningful, help those in need, and I will continue to support. God bless all those involved!workcamp1

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