Had the pleasure to attend “The Friends of Blennerhassett Reception to Mark Purchase of Harmon Blennerhassett’s Telescope” The event was held at the Blennerhassett Museum. As always Dr. Ray Swick did a great job with remarks. It is amazing to see an artifact that was originally purchased in 1795 or 1796…that was able to be traced to the Blennerhassett’s. It has been at a musem in Buffalo NY. The point of this post however is more about tourism and attraction opportunities. With the down turn in the coal and State of West Virginia economy, TOURISM and TRAVEL are more important. We have several wonderful attractions in the MOV, including Fort Boreman, the Juliann Square Historic District, Henderson Hall, Oil & Gas Museum, and of course the Blennerhassett Island State Park and Museum. As a former County Commissioner, I totally supported Wood County Tourism opportunities as well as historic preservation. If elected again, I will continue my support of tourism and making Wood County a destination point for visitors!

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