To run for public office, you need to be capable and willing to show up for work, including the vast number of meetings which occur outside the normal Commission meetings. Each Commissioner is assigned 6 or so Committees to serve on. They are suppose to attend the meetings, and then report back to the other Commissioners as to the status or needs of those “arms of local government”.

It is disappointing to see the my opponent missed most of his meetings. Records were obtained from each entity. My opponent missed nearly 100 meetings over the first 5 years of his 6 year term.

Obviously, there were likely some legitimate missed meetings, such as family emergency or sickness. It goes without saying, those would certainly be excused.

However this is a pattern of missed meetings over 5 years. Totally unacceptable.

If elected, I promise I will show up for work! (including any Committee assignments I might be assigned to!)

Promise made….promise will be kept!

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