As you may recall, a criminal was caught on video attempting to break into my car several months ago. He was arrested and got the punishment of probation.   Obviously, I was angry.  A few weeks ago someone posted a video of a young man rolling around the parking lot of the North End Market…it was obvious he was on some type of drug.   Yesterday, a lady who lives in central part of north Parkersburg posted a video on line showing a young man inside her home. He was burglarizing the houses WHILE the occupants of the house slept.   The thief spent around 90 minutes inside that house.   Can you imagine how horrible the feeling would be to know someone was inside your house and stealing your belongings …while you were sleeping.   As a former police officer, I can say this is very dangerous.   I suspect that the theft can generally be linked back do drug abuse…..simply put, stealing to fund their addictions.     The bottom line…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.  We must take back our communities from the scourge or drug abuse and the criminal activities associated with it.    The police can’t do it alone.   Police officers can not be everywhere all the time.  Anyone who listens to police scanners will know that often officers are ran from one call to the next.    Thus I encourage you to take this information and if you see something suspicious in your neighborhoods……REPORT IT.  Help by being the eyes and ears for the police officers who need your support.    Often times these petty thieves will simply walk down dark alleys and try car doors hoping to find a open door.  Some are more brazen and will try doors or windows of homes.   We need to help put these thugs behind bars.  We need to make our county and communities as safe as we can.   Take note of the information on this post…print it off….and report suspicious activity. Of course, if it becomes an emergency or something is happening immediately, then call 911 and request help.   SEE SOMETHING..SAY SOMETHING….we need to make our area safe again.
Rick Modesitt
Candidate for County Commissionseesomethingsaysomething

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