Volcano Days @ Mountwood Park

Had an outstanding day out and about in Wood County…Williamstown..Boaz…Vienna….North Parkersburg and ending at Volcano Days at Mountwood Park. As you know, Mountwood Park is a county owned park…that has had it’s good days and bad days. But the direction the County Commission set several years ago, and with the leadership of Commissioner Couch,  a GREAT bunch of volunteers and a new Park Director, the park is thriving. With the help of John Reed and many volunteers, the new RV trails system is thriving. As a past County Commissioner, I believe in tourism …I believe in good parks and recreation that provides a good quality of life for our citizens. If elected, I pledge to continue to support our Parks and Recreation opportunities, tourism opportunities and continuing the efforts to make Mountwood Park the best adventure park in the state!….vd9

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