Had the pleasure to go to Belleville today to the Tim and Christina Smith Farm for the ARC annual picnic. It was great to say the least. Alot of the ARC clients were there. Some of the ARC board members (I was a previous ARC Board Member)….it was one of those events that I felt much better at the end of my day than the begining …just be mixing and mingling with these folks. As many know, my brother Gary Hellberg, was a 40 year plus employee at SW Resources. He regularly went on functions sponsored by the ARC (espeically the annual vacation trip….which talked about for weeks if not months)…..In any event, THE ARC, Christina, Doug Hess and the board members do a wonderful job in proving functions for these good folks who have different types of disabilities. The Arc helps provide a meaningful life for many, and more importantly these good people a VOICE to be heard. They too deserve to be heard and have their needs considered. As a previous County Commission and WV State Delegate, I always supported the efforts of SW Resources, THE ARC, and those individuals with disabilities. I know first hand the good work they do….as they did with my brother. If I am fortunate to be elected County Commissioner…I once again pledge my support to those with disabilities and the organizations who help them. The bottom line…being an elected official….at the end of the about helping people. THANK YOU ARC, Christina and Doug for the wonderful work you do! God Bless !arc1

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